High quality wear parts and durable cutters for single shaft shredders


In addition to the production of high quality machines, the fast delivery of highly wear resistant spare parts is an important quality issue. Both the briquetting and shredding machines are designed so that the most important wear parts can be replaced easily and inexpensively. In our large warehouse all common spare parts are in stock.
compacto is specialized in the manufacturing of cutters for classic single shaft shredders. compacto blades are characterized by a special manufacturing process in an electronically controlled special hardening plant.

• Risk reduction of breakages by using special material and adaptation of the hardness level to the customer's material
• Longer lifetime due to optimized hardness of 52-59 HRC
• For shredding materials with metal content a lower hardness level is used
• Perfect fit due to machine processing
• Short delivery times due to high stock levels
• Highest quality at a fair price


As a manufacturer of SHARK single-shaft shredders, compacto also supplies knives for shredders from other manufacturers such as Amis, Reinbold, Weima, Gross, Votecs, Mewa, Mawera, mütek, Osmeka, RSN, Zeno, Zerma or Untha.

The production of other knives according to your drawings or supplied pattern is also possible.

Selection of available cutting tips:

compacto cutting tip | blade 30 x 30 x 20 mm, konkav, M12
suitable for shredding machines: Weima WL 500 | Weima WL 4 | Gross GAZ-52 | Gross GAZ-62 | Votecs EZ 6

compacto reversible blade | reversible blade | Karomesser 30 x 30 x 15 mm, konvex , M12
suitable for shredding machines: Weima WL 500 | Weima WL 4 | Gross GAZ-52 | Gross GAZ-62 | Votecs EZ 6

compacto cutting tip | blade 40 x 40 x 23 mm, konkav, M12
suitable for shredding machines: Weima WL 6 | Weima WL 8 | Weima WL 10 | Weima WL 20 | Gross GAZ-82 | Gross GAZ-102 | Gross GAZ-132 | Gross GAZ-152 | Gross GAZ-182 | Gross GAZ-202 | Votecs EZ 8 | Votecs EZ 10 | Votecs EZ 13 | Votecs EZ 15

compacto circular blade 40 x 40 x 15 mm, M12
suitable for shredding machines: Reinbold AZR 50 | Reinbold AZR 600 | Reinbold AZR 800 | Reinbold AZR 1000 | Reinbold AZR 1300 | Reinbold AZR 1500 | Reinbold AZR 1800 | Reinbold AZR 2000

compacto cutting tip | turning plate | Messer 30 x 30 x 20 mm, konkav, M12
suitable for shredding machines: muetek MRZ 530 | muetek MRZ 630

compacto turning plate | Messer 35 x 35 x 20 mm, konvex, M12
suitable for shredding machines: muetek MRZ 830 | muetek MRZ 1030 | muetek MRZ 1230 | muetek MRZ 1530

compacto blade 40 x 40 x 20 mm, konvex
suitable for shredding machines: Osmeka HZ 161 | Osmeka HZ 162 | Osmeka HZ 166

compacto blade "Schiffchen"
suitable for shredding machines: Zento ZTLL 800

The wear and tear on the briquetting presses occurs in the components that come into direct contact with the material. These include the front bushing, the punch, the rear bushing and the crimping pliers. The less metallic and mineral contaminants are in the starting material, the longer the service life of the wear and tear parts.



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