FOX Briquetting Presses for wood, plastics, miscanthus, peat and other materials

Clever Briquetting

The high quality FOX briquetting presses are able to briquette materials like wood shavings, sawdust, wood chips or other residual materials into stable, cylindrical briquettes. The material moisture content shouldn't exceed a maximum of 18 % ATRO (bone dry). The granule size has to be smaller then 20 mm.

The FOX briquetting presses can be adapted to customer materials, required through put performances and individual spatial conditions. It is possible to choose from various cylinder sizes, drive engine variants and silo shapes.

In the material silo of the FOX briquetting presses an agitator is installed. By stirring the material to be pressed, the material will be fed into the pre-compression unit and moved from there with the filling slide into the pressing block. Here the material will be compacted by the plunger of the compression cylinder into a briquette. An optimal pressing result and a minimized wear is achieved by a built-in wear and tear bushing.
The material compacted in the crimping pliers forms the necessary back pressure for the subsequent briquette. The crimping pliers are controlled by a pressure switch. The desired compaction pressure is adjustable, varying from 1 to 80 bar. The machine can be operated either in manual or automatic mode. All control and switching valves and the hydraulic motor are arranged in a compact block design.
The base of the machine stand is a stable body, which also serves as a container for the hydraulic oil. Due to the widespread distribution of the hydraulic oil heating is reduced. For outdoor installations, an optional oil preheating function regulates the necessary viscosity of the hydraulic oil especially suitable for the cold season.


• Energy-efficient operation
• Low wear and tear costs
• Generating a resource from waste
• High volume reduction
• Savings on storage and transport costs
• Profitable selling
• Binding of dust and pollutants
• Reduction in risk of fire and explosions
• GS audited and CE certified



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